What is InPACT@Home?
InPACT@Home is a free, home-based program that enables Michigan K-12 students to engage in health-
enhancing physical activity during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.


Why was it created?

School closures eliminated structured opportunities for kids to engage in physical activity (physical
education, sports, etc.). We also know that some of our kids lack safe spaces to exercise or play sports in
their neighborhood. InPACT@Home is a way to increase kids’ access to physical activity programming
safely in their home.

What are its objectives?
InPACT@Home aims to provide 20 minutes of home-based physical activity every day to K-12 students
across the state of Michigan.

What do you think is the most exciting part of InPACT@Home?
The University of Michigan is excited to partner with some amazing statewide and national organizations
to promote kids’ physical activity. Our partners include Michigan School Health Coordinators’ Association,
Society of Health and Physical Educators (SHAPE Michigan), Michigan Public Health Institute, Michigan
Elementary and Middle School Principals Association, Michigan Department of Education, Playworks,
former Detroit Piston Earl Cureton, and former Flint mayor Karen Weaver.

How is InPACT@Home flexible to adapt to the changing circumstances that come with the COVID-
19 pandemic?
Currently, very few kids are getting the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity every day.
InPACT@Home can provide a third of that recommendation. At school, InPACT@School provides
another third, and Physical Education and recess provide the final third. InPACT@Home allows us to
create a “new normal” of youth physical activity both now and when school is back in session.

Is InPACT@Home a replacement for Physical Education in school?
Absolutely not. Physical Education is an essential and valuable component of our school curriculum. It
teaches kids how to move by building their fundamental and developmental motor skills. PE lays the
foundation for lifelong physical activity – studies have shown that that ball and hand skills are essential for
developing kids’ physical activity behavior. We need to supplement, not replace, PE with InPACT in order
for kids to meet the daily recommendation of 60 minutes of physical activity.

Will InPACT@Home expand or change at all by the time the new academic year starts?
Right now, students can access videos that enable them to start exercising in small doses at home. In
August, students can access exercise videos created by Physical Education teachers across the state
that are designed to support health-enhancing physical activity. In September, some aspects of the
program will be gamified – at that point, students will be able to earn points and get prizes by reaching
their physical activity goals.

How can people access InPACT@Home?
Visit to access all the free InPACT@Home resources.