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 Examples of Winners!

Lindsey Tocco was one of 10 recipients of the TriFound Healthy Education Advocacy Program (H.E.L.P.) Grants for 2019. She received $1,000.00 towards her Physical Education Action Based Lab and Adapted PE project. This project was inspired by her love for neuroscience and physical education.  She is passionate about helping students use physical activity to improve brain function and help students with special needs work towards their potential. This grant money from this project was used to buy an array of equipment to meet the needs of a variety of students. Her list included sensory liquid tiles, physioballs, a mini trampoline, yoga mats, and other adapted physical education equipment to implement this program. The students love exploring the new equipment and learning new ways to stay healthy. This program also provides an exercise circuit to support those students that need brain breaks to promote Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity (MVPA). MVPA stimulates the release of neurotransmitters needed for emotional regulation, attention and mood stabilization. Lindsey is extremely grateful to SHAPE Michigan and TriFound Financial for supporting this grant.She looks forward to continuing to build the program when she returns to school for the 2020-2021 school year. 



Sydney Moore- Holt



Cardio Drumming Grant

Jessica Leenhouts
[email protected]

Buchanan Community Schools

Moccasin Elementary School

Ottawa Elementary School


With the $1000 TriFound grant I was able to purchase Drums Alive curriculum.  I was also able to purchase additional Cardio drumming balls to utilize with my classes.

In the first picture below is a fun interactive activity that came from the curriculum.  It utilized the ball and having students move around the gym, listening to words I said and having to remember the action that went with each word.  This was a great way to ease them into cardio drumming, while allowing them to experience a stability ball and their uses.


The picture on the right is of my class drumming.  I put up YouTube videos from other PE teachers around the USA.  They loved it.  They were sweating, and having a blast. 


I am excited to be able to look closer into this curriculum and come up with new and exciting ways to educate students on living a healthy, active life, which is not always done through sports.  Thank you for your support TriFound and making this happen for my students!


 2019-2020 Winners




Casey Bain

Skate For Life

East Lansing Public Schools

Shawn Baynes

Functional Fitness Weight Room

Laingsburg High School

Jennifer Punturiere

Pacing and Facing the BEAT

L’anse Creuse Public Schools-Middle School Central

Jessica Leenhouts

Drums Alive

Buchanan Community Schools

Kimberly McCool

Cross Country Ski Grant

Lake Orion Community Schools

Sydney Moore

Developing a Schoolwide Fitness Course

Holt Junior High

Kari Simon

Equipment Replacement and Upgrade

St. Johns Public Schools- Gateway North

Oakview Elementary Schools

Jeff Stevenson

RIde on!


Waterford School District

Lindsey Tocco

Action-Based Learning Lab

Bloomfield Hills School District