Do you know how to become an advocate for your profession?

HPERD educators help students develop the knowledge, attitudes, skills, behaviors and confidence needed to be physically active and knowledgeable about their health and fitness for life.  Never in recent history has there been such a focus as there is now on the consequences of physical inactivity, obesity, health, and healthcare costs.

It is tough for legislators and administrators to say “NO”, if they know what you are doing is important in helping children successfully make it through school and preparing them to be a healthy workforce.

It is up to YOU to make sure parents, community, and legislators know your classes make an impact.  Help schools address the critical public health issues by promoting health classes, daily quality physical education, and rhythmic movement (dance) in all school grades.

Don’t Depend on Others to Defend Your Profession!

If Your Career in These Fields is Important to You, Your Community, Your Schools & Students, Please respond when asked for Your Support!

Attend convention to learn more about how you can make an 
impact in your classrooms and communities.